Magically attractive brands with a scientific approach

Visual identity + Content strategy + UX / Webdesign

Cvaky Cvak
Ahinsa Shoes
Re-branding for a vegan barefoot shoe brand.
Brand identity for sustainable baby apparel & accessories
Visual identity
Atlantic Wines
Branding for a Portuguese wine reseller
Malá Arkadie
Naming, brand identity, packaging and webdesign for a sustainable family orchard and farm.
Siel Beauty
Branding for a biotech skincare reseller
Selected logos & marks
Veronika Kružíková
Brand identity for a Moravian photographer
Maria Rochas
Brand identity, web design and photography for a Konmari, FengShui and decor consultant Maria Rochas
Maria Rest
Branding and webdesign for a photographer
Vondrak Design
Ze Země / Branding
Gratia Natura
Brand identity for a premium skincare reseller
Dárek z Farmy
Design of catalogues and brochures for a Czech brand, specializing in branded gourmet gift boxes for companies.
Hair&Me / Branding
Logo and visual identity for a czech hair accessories brand.
Kouzelná Ela
Branding / Gifts vouchers for women
Branding project for a luxury candle reseller.
Residence Vitkov
Hotel branding
Mary Poppins Agency
Logo redesign / rebranding
Cukr & bič
Brand strategy, logo and visual identity for a vegan catering and cake shop.
Art direction for furniture brand
Logo and visual identity for a fashion brand
Salon Aneta
Branding & webdesign for a beauty salon
Bohemian Brews
Branding, webdesign and promotional materials for craft beer tours
Branding, prints, packaging and photography for Siwak - natural toothbrush manufacturer
MEZE Restaurant
Branding project for a mediterannean restaurant in Prague.
Rebranding proposal for the oldest shopping mall in Czech Republic
Alchymie Srdce
Branding, content strategy and web design for a spirituality coach Lavanya Volešáková - online media identity
Branding project for online media
My green closet
Eco-friendly leaflet
Branding and webdesign for a small eco agency
GAEA - branding and promo materials for ecological shop with household goods, vegan cosmetics and supplements.
Premium Estate
Branding project of premium real estate consultancy.
Logo proposal for a psychological conference
Indoro / Logo
Branding and webdesign for electricity & construction company
Branding, UX and webdesign for travel agency software
Xmas Landing page
Signals - online promotion
Concept, branding, webdesign, social media strategy
Bugata Legal Consultancy
Personal branding for Jan Bugata, legal consultant from Slovakia
Branding, webdesign and content strategy for online ecological magazine
Wood expert bureau / Branding proposal
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